United by their fascination with the music of György Ligeti, the Ligeti Quartet is dedicated to performing modern and contemporary classical music. Since the Quartet want to take Ligeti’s incredibly complex compositions and make them into easily enjoyed experiences, we fitted each musician with technology that read their brainwave activity as they played one of these supremely complex pieces, then projected a visualisation of their brainwaves onto them to create a sensorial experience of the complex vs the simple.

Mandhira de Saram: violin
Patrick Dawkins: violin
Richard Jones: viola
Val Wellbanks: cello

Directed by Matt Batten and Alex Zeeman
Concept and production by Billy Bernhardt, Milan Desai, Ale Miasi, Andrea Foresi, Stefanie DiGianvincenzo and Evan Jones

Sound Engineering by Paul Bishop
Audio Production by Tom Green
Post Production by Alex Zeeman

This musical and technological experiment would not have been possible without the amazing talent of the Ligeti Quartet, and the immense efforts of Alex Zeeman.